Outlook for 2020

● Gold production in 2019 is expected to be 520,000 to 560,000 ounces, or 16.17 and 17.42 tonnes.

● 2020 total capital expenditures, excluding capitalized stripping, are forecast to be $67 million.

● Growth capital investment at Kumtor for 2020 is forecast at $18 million

● The cash component of capitalized stripping costs related to the development of the open pit is expected to be $173 million of the $215 million total capitalized stripping estimated in 2020.

● Exploration expenditures expected to be $20 million


Welcome to the Kumtor website. I appreciate your time to learn more about our company.

Our Vision is to build a team-based culture of excellence that responsibly delivers sustainable value and growth. We believe how we conduct business and how all employees act in fulfilling their job responsibilities are fundamental to achieving our Vision.

The Values we share are demonstrated in how we operate every single day at Kumtor : Responsible Miners, Deliver Results, Continuous Improvement and Win as a Team.

As an international company, we respect the different needs and values of people and their cultures and operate with high level of transparency to ensure all stakeholder confidence.

We do our utmost to have ZERO HARM at our operations the environment, community, and at home. Working together through promoting our Work Safe – Home Safe programs, everyone in the company takes responsibility for ZERO HARM.

We strive to improve our management practices, so we may respond to the economic, environmental and social expectations of our stakeholders, including our employees, communities, shareholders, government authorities, and the public.

Looking to the future, we will continue to find opportunities to Extend the Life of Mine in order to sustain our contribution to the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic and be the one of the best employers in Kyrgyzstan.


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Kumtor Develops Regions

TV news story about successful implementation of economic projects in Issyk-Kul region with the help of Kumtor In Kyrgyz language: In Russian language:

Кумтор Оперейтинг Компани


Incident at the Kumtor Mine

On February 15, 2020, at 18:00, while performing scheduled operations on dumping material into a small thermokarst lake in the northeastern section of the moraine dam located on the western side of Lake Petrov an excavator went down with the operator inside.


Kumtor-Chakan loans

Kumtor-Chakan Loans Aiyl Bank are designed to promote employment and reduce poverty. Program has started on April 23, 2012 from signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Kyrgyz Government and Kumtor Gold Company. More information in the news video.


Centerra Gold Receives Open Pit Mining Permits for Kumtor Mine

After two months of downtime, mining operations on Kumtor resumed. The company has all necessary permissions. The production rate is increasing at the mine and exploration work continues.



Reference number: KS-20-10  JOB DESCRIPTION:  Complete work assignments to process, cut, and bore parts based on special drawings; Oversee proper technical conditions of machines, equipment and tools; Ensure compliance with technical standards while metalworking and safety of works.  


Kumtor is contributing to social-economical development of the Issyk-Kul oblast

TV plot how Kumtor is contributing to social-economical development if the Issyk-Kul oblast




Centerra Gold


Centerra Gold Receives Open Pit Mining Permits for Kumtor Mine

Toronto, Canada, January 22, 2020: Centerra Gold Inc. (“Centerra”) (TSX: CG) announces that the Kumtor Mine, located in the Kyrgyz Republic, has received all the necessary approvals and permits to re-commence open pit mining operations and to continue milling activity for the remainder of 2020.

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