Outlook for 2019

● Gold production in 2019 is expected to be 535,000 to 565,000 ounces, or 16.64 and 17.57 tonnes.

● 2019 total capital expenditures, excluding capitalized stripping, are forecast to be $58 million.

● Growth capital investment for 2019 is forecast at $14 million.

● Capitalized stripping costs are expected to be approximately $108.

● Exploration expenditures expected to be $11 million



Welcome to the Kumtor website. I appreciate your time to learn more about our company.

Our Vision is to build a team-based culture of excellence that responsibly delivers sustainable value and growth. We believe how we conduct business and how all employees act in fulfilling their job responsibilities are fundamental to achieving our Vision.

The Values we share are demonstrated in how we operate every single day at Kumtor : Responsible Miners, Deliver Results, Continuous Improvement and Win as a Team.

As an international company, we respect the different needs and values of people and their cultures and operate with high level of transparency to ensure all stakeholder confidence.

We do our utmost to have ZERO HARM at our operations the environment, community, and at home. Working together through promoting our Work Safe – Home Safe programs, everyone in the company takes responsibility for ZERO HARM.

We strive to improve our management practices, so we may respond to the economic, environmental and social expectations of our stakeholders, including our employees, communities, shareholders, government authorities, and the public.

Looking to the future, we will continue to find opportunities to Extend the Life of Mine in order to sustain our contribution to the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic and be the one of the best employers in Kyrgyzstan.


Video about Kumtor:


Кумтор Оперейтинг Компани



On January 9, 2020, emergency rescue operations were stopped at the Kumtor Mine focusing on the search for two mine employees, who were both declared missing following the significant rockslide at Kumtor’s Lysyi waste rock dump on December 1, 2019. The decision to stop the search was made with the consent of relatives of the missing Kumtor employees. Daniel Desjardins, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Centerra Gold Inc., commented, We all deeply regret the incident and extend their profound condolences to the families and colleagues of our deceased employees. The Company will now work closely with officials of appropriate levels of Government to investigate the cause of the rockslide to gain a comprehensive understanding of what were the reasons behind the failure and recommend improved practices so that this tragic incident never happens again. Kumtor has taken significant steps to improve Safety at our world-class operation and pays constant, ongoing attention to matters concerning the life and health of our employees and contractors, wherever they work. Ensuring safety at work, the protection of the life and health of workers are the fundamental principle that we are governed by in our daily activities. This tragedy has made it […]



On the eve of the New Year holidays, Kumtor Gold Company presented 2,604 gifts to children of Jeti-Oguz and Ton districts, as well as the cities of Balykchy and Karakol in Issyk-Kul oblast.


New Year Celebration for kids in Karakol

TV news video about New Year Celebration for kids in Karakol


Kumtor Ambassadors Congratulated Children of the Sokuluk Rehabilitation Center on the Upcoming New Year

On December 26, 2019, KGC Employee Development and Administration Department staff visited the Sokuluk Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities.


Season’s Greetings to Employees and Visitors of Day Care Center for the Elderly in Balykchy

Employees of Balykchy Marshalling Yard Extend Season’s Greetings to Employees and Visitors of Day Care Center for the Elderly


International Women in Mining Profile: Nazgul Oskoeva

Nazgul Oskoeva: “It is not about being a man or woman: it is about being a human being (treat everybody as you want to be treated); it is about dedicating yourself to what you do, acting to add value, continuously improving, knowing where you want to be, never giving up—and it is about choice.”



TV news video about that more than 20 thousand residents of the three villages of Issyk-Kul region received access to clean drinking water with help of Kumtor.


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