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Acceptance of commercial proposals to provide the existing pit dispatch system replacement services Kumtor Gold Company CJSC is interested in receiving commercial proposals for replacement of the existing pit dispatch system at the Kumtor mine. In this connection, Kumtor Gold Company CJSC invites for cooperation the companies and private entrepreneurs to provide the following services: – Installation of cable wiring (including power control cables) on mobile pit equipment. – Ethernet cable routing to radio equipment installation on mobile pit equipment. – Replacement, installation and connection of radio-transmitting and GPS cables, antennas, receivers, computers/displays, mountings and other equipment on mobile pit equipment. – Reconfiguration of radio equipment for proper operation of pit dispatch system. All works must be performed on haul trucks, excavators and auxiliary equipment of the company (approximately 117 units). In the event if contract is concluded, specialists performing works at the mine/visiting the mine need to undergo an appropriate medical examination, as well as a control provided by safety system of the company. Terms of reference and format of commercial proposal can be requested via e-mail: before 17:00 May 11, 2018. Minimum requirements to applications: – Information about applicant: copies of state registration certificate, company charter, taxpayer […]