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Recruitment Process

Closed joint-stock company “Kumtor Gold Company” has a policy to ensure its recruitment process is open, transparent and fair. We have clear criteria on defining who is eligible for consideration.

The candidates’ education and qualifications shall be relevant to the position they are applying for. Candidates shall pass appropriate medical examinations to demonstrate fitness and good health given the high altitude conditions at the mine site. Some positions require specialized state-issued certificates, for example, for drilling and blasting work.

Our recruitment process follows an approach in line with international norms, and takes account of local stakeholder concerns, to ensure fairness and openness:

  • Positions are first notified internally via ‘Job Opportunity’ announcements on notice boards to promote progressive career development;
  • In the absence of suitable internal candidates, an external recruitment campaign is initiated;
  • Information about relevant vacant positions is posted on the Company website, on job search services (internet recruitment), and via local community information centers;
  • Anyone can apply for externally advertised positions;
  • Family or personal connections provide no bias or benefit in the selection process;
  • Positions are awarded on the basis of qualification, experience and suitability for the job;
  • Recommendations are made by a hiring committee and final approval is given by senior management

Stages of employment

1. Application based selection

Employment application is the first step towards employment. The application is an important source of information about you, your education, qualifications and skills. It is worth spending time and energy to thoroughly and carefully fill it out.

The application is available here.

It is desirable to attach additional information on your education and work experience to your application (resume, copy of the work record book, diplomas, certificates etc.)
Candidates meeting requirements are invited to the second round.

2. Interview

At this stage, we want to get impression not only of your professional qualification but your personal qualities as well.

3. Testing

Depending on a vacancy, candidates meeting all position requirements are invited for testing if required. After three initial stages, the Committee will recommend the most eligible candidates. The final decision is taken by the Company management.

If the Committee decided that you are an appropriate candidate to fill the position:

You will be given a referral for medical examination. If you pass the medical examination successfully, you will have to complete the required trainings and collect the documents listed below. Then our HR Specialist will contact you to coordinate your further steps.

List of documents required by HR:

  • Passport
  • Two color photograph 3 x 4 cm
  • Work record book with HR entry on resignation from the last workplace
  • Diploma/certificate/permit and other documents that would confirm your qualification
  • Pension certificate (if any)
  • Certificate of no criminal record (original)
  • Driving license (if any)
  • Military enrollment document/ pre-conscription certificate (including Afghan War Veteran/Chernobyl Veteran/Batken War Veteran certificates, if available)

If the Committee decided that you are not an appropriate candidate at the moment to fill the position:

You can apply for the vacant position again later, whenever you feel you have developed your skills to the level that you can meet the position requirements or any other position that you feel you are eligible for.

Your applications will be stored in the applicant data base.