In addition to our sustainable community development programs, we provide one-off donations, usually in form of in kind equipment or services. We receive many requests for support from across the country. Donation requests and proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis by our donations committee and may be supported as long as they are:

  • For local community groups or organizations, not individuals or companies
  • Not for travel or medical expenses
  • Not for funding of private businesses
  • Not for religious or political purposes
  • Not for government related costs

In order to ensure a transparent and strictly governed donation process, a donation committee, consisting of 6 managing members, meets once a month to review all applications and approve those meeting the criteria. Our donations are not made in cash but rather through goods or equipment procured by Kumtor and provided to the recipients. Follow up monitoring visits ensure that the donations are used for the intended purpose.

For more information on the criteria for the selection of applications and requirements for applicants, please contact the Company’s offices or information centers. Donations and Charitable Support Policy is available here.

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