– How long will the Company remain in operation?
– What’s the amount of gold taken from Kumtor to Canada so far?
– Who is responsible for Kumtor’s gold sales?
– What is the Dore bar?
– What’s the total amount of gold produced at the mine so far?

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– What are the environmental and industrial standards the Company is required to comply with?
– What are the environmental programs implemented by the Company?
– Do the company’s operations affect the glaciers?
– How does the company utilize industrial waste?
– How does the company manage water resources?
– Do the company’s operations affect the wildlife inhabiting the Kumtor concession and adjacent areas?
– What is the risk of a flood caused by Petrov Lake bursting?
– How industrial discharges of the Company affect water quality in Kumtor and Naryn rivers

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Procurement and Logistics

– Does the company bring in food products from abroad?
– What kind of goods does Kumtor purchase and in what countries?
– What kind of goods would the Company like to purchase?
– How to become a supplier for the Company?

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Social Responsibility

– Does Kumtor contribute into region’s development?
– Is it possible to ask Kumtor for support?
– How are the company’s contributions to the Issyk-Kul region Development Fund distributed?

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Health and Safety

– Is there radiation at the mine?
– Are there any tailings storage failure risks?
– How cyanide is managed at Kumtor?
– How safe is it to work at the mine?
– Who is responsible for monitoring the employees’ state of health?

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Hiring Procedures

– How can one get a job in the Company?
– Where can one learn about a vacancy?
– How are candidates selected?
– Who is more entitled to get a job in the Company?
– How many people are employed by the Company?
– What are the monthly wages paid to the employees?
– How much is one required to pay for getting a job?

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