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Community Development Projects

Kumtor Gold Company is committed to the overall development of the region it operates. The company has been doing for years its utmost to become a reliable partner of local communities. Our constructive cooperation is the key to the current successful operation of the company.

In implementing its programs in the region, the company abides by the Strategy of Sustainable Development of the Issyk-Kul Region, which includes the following four components:

  • development of agricultural sector;
  • support for the growth and diversity of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • collaboration with young people in the region and support for educational initiatives;
  • environment.

We see it as very important that by the end of operation in 2026 every project or initiative now supported by Kumtor can become independent, viable and beneficial to local budgets and communities.

One village One product Project (OVOP)


The project aims to combine the efforts of private entrepreneurs and local communities to develop the economic potential of the Issyk-Kul region by producing goods using existing local resources.

KGC re-launched (started co-funding again) the project in 2016. Small business model through OVOP approach in Issyk-Kul oblast has already been established in the frame of JICA OVOP project.
Target group and area: Community Based Organizations (CBO) focused on felt production in Djety-Oguz and Ton regions. The project has potential to become self-sustainable and successful in contributing towards SME development in the region.

Current results in 2019:
• 8 felt workshops established;
• 1320 people involved as direct beneficiaries;
• 1293 people involved as indirect beneficiaries;
• The total sales (Jan-August, 2019) is at $354,163. Monthly salary for each producer is from $100 to $300;
• Participation in 9 fairs;
• 82 trainings with 900 participants held.


The project focuses on supporting agricultural development.
The government is also emphasizing expanding arable land. According to expert estimates, the total area of arable land in the country could potentially be doubled with sufficient investment.

The main goals of our investments are:
(1) To increase irrigation water volume and to significantly expand areas under irrigation
(2) To increase yield and thereby increase farmer’s income.
The areas for rehabilitation were identified at the Regional Committee meetings. The project benefits a large number of people/farmers who have a permanent problem of lack of irrigation water.


The project was launched in 2016 to improve key education outcomes in upper secondary (10-11) grades in selected schools of Issyk-Kul oblast to increase the share of school graduates accepted to universities.

In 2019, the project is implemented by two organizations and is focused on two main components: 1) capacity building provided to teachers of upper grade classes, strengthening student skills in undertaking structured tests as well as sustainability of resources centers 2) professional orientation and career development for students.

Achieved results in 2018-2019:
• 14 schools involved;
• 486 teachers trained;
• 488 students trained and 411 graduates passed trial General Test (ORT);
• 75% of graduates who passed the General Test, reached the threshold score (110 and more);
• 2 resources centers established and equipped on the base of schools in Ton and Djety-Oguz;
• 79 schools involved in the professional orientation component;
• 154 participants took part on professional orientation



Financing initiatives that address enhancing growth and diversity of SMEs. Local Business Initiatives (LBI) program will support local entities to enhance their capacity to be able to create new jobs and initiate provision of services that are lacking or insufficient in quality or quantity

Projects financed in 2018:
• “Kun-Chygysh ayil service” municipal enterprise in Ton region. KGS supported to purchase equipment for reinforced concrete products manufacturing (for road and irrigation system rehabilitation). KGC support is 5 116 995 soms.
• Support for building a bathing facility for the treatment and prevention of sheep and goat diseases.
• The “Association of women’s communities of Isykkul”. Allocated funds were used for trainings on producing national yurts. KGS support is 178 200 soms.
• Municipal enterprise “Bars-S” that, in general, provide services in agricultural sector. KGC’s support at amount of 500 000 soms was used for reconstruction of the building.



The goal of the project is to provide access to local farmers and shepherds to distant pastures in order to prevent degradation of pastures in close area. Distant pastures are no longer used, the bridges fell into disrepair and this led to heavy overconcentration of cattle around elevation settlements.
In 2019, KGC supported rehabilitation of 2 pasture roads across the rivers Taragay and Arabel of Djety-Oguz region and purchase of heavy equipment for Ton municipal enterprise to be used for pasture rehabilitation.



The project is designed to provide local communities with access to potable water. The project is very popular since it improves lives of thousands of people. Requests coming to the company for potable water projects are discussed at Regional Committee meetings.

Projects in 2018
• Potable water in Konkino village of Yrdyk village of Djety-Oguz region. The population is approximately 700 people who have access to drinkable water. KGC budget is 5,498,000 soms.
• Drilling a well in Kok-Moinok village of Ton region. Population is 611 people who have access to drinkable water. Budget is 1 500 000 soms.

Projects in 2019
• Potable water project in Jenish village of Djety-Oguz region was launched in 2018 and completed in 2019. KGC contributed 7 599 900 soms for construction of reservoir and sanitary protection zone, rehabilitation of water intake site, installation of pipes at length of 6,5 km, rehabilitation of wells and other.
• Co-financed potable water project in Bokonbaevo village of Ton region. KGC purchased of pipes at amount of 5,600,000 soms for laying additional pipeline for 497 families. All works were financed by local village administration.
Potable water in Orgochor village of Djety-Oguz region was co-financed by FSDS organization and local village administration. KGC contribution is 2,774,000 soms for drilling a well.

Eco-Camps for Future Leaders


The Company gives much attention to the development of the intellectual potential of Issyk-Kul young people and supports, in any possible way, initiatives designed to provide training to high school and university students. Since 2004 the health resort Edelweiss at Chon-Jargylchak has been the venue for an environmental summer camp organized for children from indigent families. More than 500 boys and girls spent their holidays and acquired new knowledge there in the past 15 years.

Community owned projects

KGC offers support to local initiatives submitted to the company and discussed at Regional Committee meetings. Projects are usually implemented in partnership with local authorities, local NGOs and youth groups.

Projects in 2018
• Purchase of a surgical medical equipment (laparoscope) for Kyzyl-Suu regional hospital that service about 96 500 people. KGC support is 5 783 824 soms.
• Mini football field covers in Ton region:
 In Bokonbaevo. Budget is 1456 881 soms
 In Kok-Sai. Budget is 1 642 488 soms
 In Kalkagar. Budget is 1 201 776 soms
 In Jer-Ui. Budget is 1 002 795 soms
• Reconstruction and purchase of equipment and furniture for culture houses in Ton region (Kara-Koo, Bokonbaevo villages). Total budget is 2 545 810 soms.
• Repairing municipal apartments allocated for two young doctors from Bishkek (surgeon and anesthesiologist) who work at Ton regional hospital. KGC support is 555 454 soms.
• Black earth purchased for greenery project in Balykchy city with a population size of over 40,000 people. KGC support is 3 895 000 soms.
• 8 computer classes in 8 schools in Ton region (Kadjy-Sau, Ton, Bar-Bulak, Kalkagar, Kara-Shaar, Tuura-Suu, Kok-Moinok, Shor-Bulak villages) that service 2 314 students and 3 kindergarten (Eshperov, Tork-Kul, Kajy-Saz villages) equipped. The total project amount is 2 164 730 soms.

• A container on the way to high-altitude pastures and Ak-Shiyrak village installed as a shelter for shepherds and tourists.
Projects in 2019
• Construction of mini football fields which was started in 2018 in the following villages of Djety-Oguz region:
 In Svetlaya Polyana. Budget is 1 454 292 soms
 In Tamga. Budget is 2 28 514 soms
 In Kyzyl-Suu. Budget is 2 760 598 soms
 In Boz-Beshik. Budget is 1 466 390 soms
 In Baltabay. Budget is 1,791,686 soms
 In Jele-Dobo. Budget is 1,968,428 soms
• Construction of playground in Orgochor village, Djety-Oguz region. Budget is 982 460 soms
• Rehabilitation of dirt road in the upper valley of Ton region of the total length of 18 km. 18,000 people from 10 villages can drive on safe road. Purchase of 15,888 tones of diesel
• Purchase materials at amount of 156 260 soms for municipal greenhouse in Ton region
• Purchase of football field cover for Kyzyl-Tuu village, Ton region at the amount of 1 130 000 soms

Waste segregation introducing project

The project has a goal to build capacity of 6 local municipal enterprises and raise awareness of local population towards proper and effective waste handling practices
Achieved results:
• Equipping 5 waste collection points in villages: Barskoon, Kyzyl-Suu, Tamga, Eshperovo, Kadjy-Say
• Currently 4 waste collection points run
• Total 500 kg of glass, 600 kg of plastic and 27 kg of paper waster collected by 4 waste collection points in the period of August –September 2019
• Manual on waste segregation developed and distributed to schools and village administrations
• ToT developed for school teachers and conducted trainings for teachers
• 4 trainings conducted for municipal enterprises employees and village administrations
• Trainings on waste segregation held for 979 students (5-8 grades) of 3 schools (Eshperovo, Bokonbaevo, Kyzyl-Suu) and 79 parents of Barskoon school
Waste segregation workshops in schools of focus communities
• Ecological actions and contests to be held in October- November
• Trainings for Municipal Enterprises employees
• Development of tariff policy and billing system for municipal enterprises

The value shares Centerra Gold Inc. on the Toronto Stock on 28.09.2020: 11.56 USD USD Value of Kyrgyzstan's shares in Centerra Gold Inc. : 894 764 414 USD
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