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Company Strategy

The Company recognizes the value of investing in an effective and rewarding training and development model that encourages our employees to develop personally and professionally and contribute towards the success of the company.

Positive outcome is achieved through a continuous learning and development process providing a climate that engages and challenges our employees to reach their full career potential.

The Company is further committed to ensuring equality of opportunity in the development of its employees. The employees represent a talented and diverse workforce. Achieving the full potential of this diversity is priority that is fundamental to our training initiatives success.


Employees want more than a job, they want to learn, gain new skills, be given challenges and presented with opportunities for career advancement. The Company’s goal is to provide the opportunities and resources for employees to access individual training that will assist them in gaining the technical skills, competencies and professional qualifications needed to be successful in their careers.

Programs are designed to align the training and development activities with the operations and the individual’s needs, goals and objectives.

In addition to the mandatory annual health, safety and environment refresher training sessions, employees participate in occupation skills development training that is supported/supplemented by specific on the job training leading to a level of competency for current or future roles in the company. The company commitment extends to sponsoring and providing educational assistance for all employees that by nature of their current responsibility or career potential with KGC wish to enhance professional qualification or obtain additional post-secondary diplomas.

Developing Skills for the Future

Recognizing the value of post-secondary education in the development of the next generation of young people, KGC has developed and implemented programs to support this commitment. Scholarships are offered annually to graduating secondary school students that wish to pursue post-secondary education at a technical vocational institution. Selection is based on academic performance, financial need and social conditions.

A Graduate Development program was established with the intention of attracting high caliber post-secondary graduate students whose areas of study are closely related to the mineral extraction industry.

Graduates are on a structured development program that encompasses technical, safety and leadership skills while providing opportunity to explore innovative ideas and test current practices.