Our practices and decisions are guided by the values below. They are the core to who we are and how we behave as a mining operation.

To hold the pillars of responsible mining practices though:

  • Uncompromised Safety
  • Environmental Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement of our Mining Operations

To exceed stakeholder expectations by:

  • Maintaining focus on our results
  • Striving for excellence throughout our Operations
  • Identify and managing risks to prevent harm to people and environment
  • Enhancing social and economic development in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Commitment to Local Procurement
  • Commitment to Sustainable Development Projects focused on Youth, Environment, and Biodiversity

To maintain a foundation of integrity by:

  • Open and respectful communication
  • Compliance to legal requirements and international standards
  • Pride in our work and our company
  • Dedication to diversity – respect and honor all