Energy Use and Carbon Emissions

Our grid electricity is mostly from renewable sources. We monitor and publicly disclose our carbon footprint. We apply energy and fuel efficiency measures.

Our large-scale mining operation is a significant consumer of fuel and electricity. Fuel represents over 20 percent of our commodity and service-related purchases. Diesel and gasoline are the main options for many uses, such as vehicles and essential generators. However, wherever feasible, we use electricity. The most energy-intensive operation is the mill, representing approximately 75 percent of our electricity consumption. Our calculations include our three main sites, the mine, Balykchy Marshalling Yard, and Bishkek head office. However, the mine represents around 98% of energy use, and is the only site using explosives. We continue to calculate and monitor our greenhouse gas emissions, and explore ways to reduce them as part of energy conservation measures. We include explosives in our greenhouse gas emission calculations as it was determined to be a significant component.

We continue to explore ways to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas intensity, but because electricity is already mostly from renewable sources, the scope is limited.

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