Kumtor supported the construction of a public library in the Kyzyl-Suu village in Issyk-Kul

published: 12 May 2022

After the transfer of Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) to Kyrgyzstan, support for educational projects has become one of the most important areas of the company’s social responsibility. Thanks to Kumtor, residents of the Jety-Oguz district in Issyk-Kul will have a new social center, and young people will have a place for learning and development. The company allocated one million one hundred thousand soms for the repair and purchase of the necessary equipment for a public library in Kyzyl-Suu village, which is planned to be opened as part of the “Dem” project.

A similar center has been successfully operating for several years in the regional center – the city of Karakol. During this time, the “Dem” project has united hundreds of residents of Karakol and has become a magnet for young people. During this time, the “Dem” project has united hundreds of residents of Karakol and has become a magnet for young people. It’s much broader than a regular library. Various seminars, master classes, music and movie evenings are regularly held here. The library is open seven days a week, without library cards, librarians and filing cabinets. You can take any book to read by simply writing your initials on a special sheet next to the shelf.

In Kyzyl-Suu, the “Dem” center will start working soon. The new complex will even have a small cinema hall for future visitors. In spacious reading rooms, schoolchildren can prepare for lessons, read classics and literary novelties. Kumtor will also help the future library with books.

-We expect that this center will have more participants than in Karakol, about 3,000 people Children from all villages from Barskoon to Orgochor will come here The main goal of the project is to develop a culture of reading through modern forms of interaction. By the opening of the center, we plan to restore a small square nearby, install benches there. Therefore, it will be possible to read books in the fresh air, – said the project coordinator Omurbek Toktobaev.

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