Training for Would-Be Apiarists

Training for Would-Be Apiarists

published: 02 February 2012

Региональный Информационный Центр «Кумтор Оперейтинг Компани»On January 27, 2012, experts of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and representatives of the Issyk-Kul Regional Association of Apiarists conducted training for Jety-Oguz and Ton residents interested in beekeeping. The training took place at the Barskoon-based Regional Information Center of “Kumtor Operating Company”, Jety-Oguz district, Issyk-Kul province.

The choice of the subject was not accidental as it was preceded by two months of discussions held by the Center officers with the local residents who said they were interested in consultations and training with regard to beekeeping.

During the training, more than 30 would-be entrepreneurs learned more about beekeeping trends in Kyrgyzstan, its geographical distribution and economic aspects. Also, a film was shown to them providing details on beekeeping development in various countries, apiary organization and bee disease prevention.
This training was the first in a program of events, conducted by EBRD and designed to improve the economic potential of the region and implement sustainable development projects. Kumtor Operating Company is committed to promote such trainings since EBRD’s and KOC’s goals coincide as far as the development of regional economic potentials is concerned.

Beekeeping seems to be very promising in the Jety-Oguz and Ton economies. According to experts, this kind of business would be extremely advantageous primarily due to favorable climatic conditions, a lot of pastures available there and lush vegetation.

“Today’s training has surely produced a lot of questions and some of the participants may need additional consultations. Our Association will be happy to render assistance to the beginners,” – said Aleksey Pushkarnykh, Deputy Chairman of the Issyk-Kul Regional Association of Apiarists.

A group of EBRD and BAS Program experts will conduct a series of trainings focusing on the implementation of sustainable development and small business development projects throughout Issyk-Kul province. In addition, the Program envisions further cooperation with and support for local residents wishing to develop small businesses of their own.

“There will be more seminars like this in the future. Our main objective is to teach people to do business unassisted. Our Regional Center was built not only to inform the public about KOC activities. We are ready to support any initiative encouraging local small and medium-sized business. Any idea capable of creating new jobs will be welcomed. Kumtor is ever prepared to promote private enterprise in the region,” – said Kerim Shatmanov, Manager, Community Relations, KOC.
Kumtor Operating Company in cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has planned a series of trainings designed to help the villagers organize their own businesses in the fields ranging from the fish industry to ecotourism. The Regional Information Center has planned seven workshops in the next six months. The seminar preliminary plan is available here.