Recycling used tires

Recycling used tires

published: 18 November 2016


Kumtor Gold Company (KGC) invites all interested parties to provide bids for recycling used tires of heavy mining equipment of the following sizes: 27.00-49, 33.00-51, 37.00-57, 40.00-57 with metal cord and nylon thread. KGC is open for discussions of all methods of disposal and recycling with preferences given to recycling methods, which are based on full decomposition of tires and use of environmentally friendly methods of disposal. Shipping terms: ex works from Kumtor Mine or Balykchy Marshaling Yard.

Requirements for bidders:

• brief description of the tire processing technology;
• general information on the company (certificate of state registration of the legal entity, facility location, land title document);
• availability of permits for the company activities and operating equipment (architectural and planning specifications, commissioning act, permit for emissions, ecological passport, design for recycling of tires including environmental opinion, license for disposal, storage, burial, destruction of toxic waste materials and substances) for operating enterprises;
• information on available experience to recycle used tires, if possible present supporting documents/contracts with other enterprises to process tires;
• information about the equipment to cut and process/recycle tires of the heavy mining equipment with the sizes: 27.00-49, 33.00-51, 37.00-57, 40.00-57;
• information on raw materials produced after the tire recycling and its further application;
• environmental expert opinion on raw materials and permission for its use in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Only the bidders with the most attractive commercial and environment friendly technology will be invited for more detailed dialog and possible negotiations on provisions and terms of the contract.

The bidders, whose proposals will regard recycling of smaller sized tires than those specified in the announcement, will not be considered. The priority will be given to currently operating enterprises.

In case of further questions, the interested parties may refer to

All proposals are accepted in a sealed envelope with “Bid – Recycling used tires of heavy mining equipment” note, before 5 pm on December 9, 2016, at 24 Ibraimov Str., 10th floor of Uchkun Building, Bishkek.