Maintenance of the technical road from Barskaun to the Kumtor Mine

Maintenance of the technical road from Barskaun to the Kumtor Mine

published: 06 September 2019

Invitation closed




for providing services/works on:

Maintenance of the technical road from Barskaun to the Kumtor Mine starting from the public road between bollards 0 km and 31 km


Requisitioner: Kumtor Gold Company CJSC


Place of providing services/works:

Technical Road from Barskaun to Kumtor (0-31 km)


Services/works assignment

The scope of work consists of primary and additional scope of work:

Primary scope of work will be carried out by a repair team of road workers using the following equipment and people: two graders, one dump truck, one excavator / loader, one dozer, one mobile fueling station, one generator (all equipment with operators), two gypsy trailers, one canteen trailer, as well as labor for servicing the technical road section.

– Depending on the needs to perform certain types of work to maintain the road in the best possible condition. The Customer can to demand that composition of the fleet and the road team be changed within the agreed monthly cost of the road maintenance.

– Additional amount of work is carried out mainly during cold months of the year and occasionally during warmer months using the primary fleet and the repair team of the road workers, as well as additional grader, excavator, dozer and a dump truck (all equipment with operators).


Schedule, scope of work:

The working day lasts from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm with a one hour lunch break. This may vary depending on weather conditions.

The contractor ensures that the serviced road section is passable 24 hours a day and is engaged in the following types of work:

– grading the road with a grader, smoothing out bumps on the road and windrows. This will ensure proper road cover and adequate road batter angle;

– keeping ditches clean and cleaning inlets and outlets of the pipes, thereby ensuring an unobstructed flow of rain and melt water;

-cleaning soil accumulating as a result of traffic circulation from the roadway on bridges;

– keeping in good order kilometer bollards, road signs and reflective posts;

– backfilling potholes on the road in timely manner paying attention to approaches to bridges and road junctions; holes patching if necessary;

– backfilling settled spots on the roadway with gravel;

– removing stones from the roadway in good time

– Checking of Tamga and Barskaun sluices in spring and summer periods at least once a week.


Additional work of the following nature will be performed during the cold season:

– cleaning the roadway from snow;

– backfilling slippery sections of roadways with inert aggregate;

– cleaning inlets and outlets of pipes and minor bridges from snow clogs and ice to ensure free flow of water in timely manner;

– cleaning ditches located next to bridges from snow and ice.


Requirements to requested services/works:

1) The Contractor will provide transportation to the labor and the equipment from the camp to a place of work and back by own vehicles or in accordance with transportation agreements;

2) If necessary, the Contractor will arrange accommodation and meals for the labor and create all necessary sanitary and hygienic conditions for own expense and in a place coordinated with the local authorities. All temporary structures must comply with the existing KR standards;

3) The Contractor will equip all units and workplaces, such as equipment repair bay, parking lot, camp and other areas with all necessary protective equipment, and provide to the staff safety belts, 5 kg powder fire extinguishers, anti-burn medical kits and wheel chocks of the appropriate size;

4) The Contractor shall deliver to a work site all the necessary materials, products and spare parts for equipment as may be required to perform the work under this contract;

5) The Customer can instruct the Contractor to deliver additional materials or perform additional work as may be required.


Deadline for providing services/works:

From the time of signing the Contract until December 31, 2020.


Special terms:

  • The contractor will ensure safe working environment for the employees. The Contractor shall comply with safety rules when performing the work.
  • All Contractor’s workers must complete the required safety training and attend all necessary briefings.
  • The contractor will provide all the necessary PPE to the labor.


If you have questions, please contact by 5 p.m. September 15, 2019.

Proposals in a sealed envelope marked “Road Maintenance” should be submitted to the following address: 24 Ibraimova St., Bishkek Uchkun JSC building, 10th floor until 5 p.m. September 20, 2019


All organizations send their price offers at their own discretion and at their own expense, and accept all the conditions of KGC.


 KGC reserves the right to accept or reject (in whole or in part) any proposal received, and expressly declares its refusal to compensate for any costs incurred by the applicant as part of the invitation.