Kumtor Employees Provided Aid to Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities at Sokuluk

published: 26 September 2016

A group of Kumtor employees visited the Rehabilitation Center for Children with disabilities at Sokuluk on September 23, 2016. Toys and clothes gathered by Kumtor employees were donated to children in the form of charity. Previously, this group had organized collection of money, toys and clothes for the Center’s children. As a result, employees of the Bishkek Office as well as those of the Balykchi Marshalling Yard and the Kumtor Mine could raise more than 80,000 soms. At the Center administration’s request, the money was used to purchase things that the children needed worst of all, including furniture for the social labor therapy cabinet, building materials for the renovation of class-rooms and living rooms as well as hygiene items.

The Sokuluk Rehabilitation Center, where 83 children live now, was founded in 2014 for purposes of providing favorable conditions for bringing up and educating children with disabilities and thus adapting them to the conditions of adult life.

“We appreciate assistance in developing and rehabilitating children with disabilities. The donation provided by the Kumtor employees will enable us to improve their training and living conditions,” said Aizada Isanova, the Center’s Principal.

The institution’s management and children say they are very grateful to the Kumtor employees involved in this charity.

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