Kumtor Employees Carried Out Charity Act in Support of Children with Special Needs

Kumtor Employees Carried Out Charity Act in Support of Children with Special Needs

published: 18 November 2015

A charity act was carried out on November 11, 2015, in the Bishkek Park Trade Center by employees and managers of Kumtor Gold Company’s Mining Engineering, Production, Dewatering and Environment Departments in coordination with Compliance Manager as part of the Corporate Responsibility Project. Participating in the act was also the Forward Movement public association providing aid to children with special needs.

A concert of the children’s dance groups Yolochka and Balajan was organized by Kumtor employees for children and their parents as well as for invited guests. Also performing were a folk musician, Nurbek Serkebayev, of the Kyrgyz National Philharmonic and Cholponai Eldarova, a daughter of Kumtor’s employee, Eldar Mamiyev, who performed folk dances. Invaluable is aid provided by the Bishkek Park Administration who offered its lobby, stage and equipment for free. This act was also supported by the Elim Barsynby charitable foundation and volunteer students of the Kyrgyz National University. A standing dinner was organized for handicapped children and their parents following the concert.

On behalf of all participants, Kanybek Jumaliyev addressed the children and their parents wishing them well-being, patience as well as peace in Kyrgyzstan. He handed over 120,000 soms, the organizers’ chief prize, to the Chair of Forward Movement, Takhmina Asanova. The money is to be used to pay for the premises occupied by this NGO and to purchase special equipment and teaching materials designed for children with special needs. Also, sets of food staffs were given to needy families.

The names of organizers of this charity act are as follows: Sergey Korshunov, Kanybek Jumaliyev, Jodosh Duishenaliyev, Kubanych Moldobekov, Eldar Mamiyev, Tynchtyk Mokeyev, Yevgeny Seledkov, Shavkat Zikirov, Manas Kabayev, Melis Turdukeyev, Kanybek Kazybekov, Andrey Shabunin, Dmitry Logvinov, Ainura Bishembiyeva, Almaz Chomokeyev, Sergey Kolesnikov, Shabdan Aliyev, Aibek Abduvaliyev, Ruslan Akunov, Kirill Alekseyev, Kanat Idrisov, and Helena Yevseyeva.