Employees of Kumtor rendered assistance to the infant orphanage in Bishkek

Employees of Kumtor rendered assistance to the infant orphanage in Bishkek

published: 23 November 2015

As part of the corporate social responsibility project, Kumtor Gold Company’s medical department and several employees organized a charity event in the specialized infant orphanage of Bishkek. The event was held on November 20, 2015 and dedicated to the World Children’s Day.

Employees of Kumtor Company raised money and purchased the daily necessities for children, including hygiene goods and toys. The institution receives funding from the state for infant’s food, medicines, staff salaries and utilities. All other needs, such as clothing, special medicines, furniture, building renovation, daily necessities and toys are covered by donations and charitable assistance from various organizations and individuals. We should note that our colleagues render private assistance to the children of the Bishkek infant orphanage on a regular basis.

The specialized infant orphanage of Bishkek has become a home to children from birth to four years. According to head of the infant orphanage’s Family Resource Center Gulaiym Koshoyeva, the number of children living in the infant orphanage is decreasing from year to year and it is a positive trend. Currently it gives shelter to 50-60 children. “We are always grateful for any assistance. Thank you for your mercy! Owing to the attention and care of people like you, children receive the necessary care and grow in a warm and homelike environment. This is the most important thing in this period of child development,” Gulaiym Sulaymanovna emphasized.

This charity event was attended by Rupert Redding-Jones, Anara Doolotova, Kalys Jumabayeva, Victor Krasotsky, Abas Myrzahat uulu, Turgun Toktash, Anatoly Fomin, Arnol Samiev, Anara Otogonova, Marina Gavrilova.