Drip Irrigation at Kajisai

Drip Irrigation at Kajisai

published: 23 September 2015

With the support of Kumtor Company, a local youth organization is developing a drip irrigation project for a public park in the village of Kajisai, Ton district. The company has contributed 60,000 soms to purchase equipment and materials.

In 2013, the company funded a fencing project for the 3.5-hectare public park. According to the young people’s design, the park should become both a popular resting place and an additional financial source for the local   budget. For the time being, though, the guys, overjoyed by the efficiency of the drip irrigation system, are watering the newly planted apple and pear trees.


Drip irrigation in Kajisai is also promoted by Sabyr Alisherov, a customer of the local Ton Finance microcrediting agency. The farmer has taken out a loan at an interest rate of 10% to set up a garden to grow currants,    cherries, apricots and apples.

“I see it myself that the drip irrigation system can help any gardener a great deal. It will save expenditure, provide effective irrigation and regular growth control, and, most importantly, a high crop yield. This is extremely important for me as I am a bulk seller,” he says.


“It is very important for the Company that its development initiatives and projects in Issyk-Kul province should be sustainable. It gives us special satisfaction to invest in projects that are both sustainable and innovative. It is important that farmers should learn more about advanced water-saving agricultural technologies. The use of drip irrigation in the public park will, no doubt, encourage local residents to adopt more effective and sustainable irrigation methods,” said Aktilek Tungatarov, Director, Sustainable Development, KGC.

For Reference: The microcrediting program for farmers and small businessmen has been implemented in the region since 2006. It is designed to contribute to the economic and social development of the Issyk-Kul region. With the company’s support, three microcrediting agencies were formed, including Jety-Oguz, Ton Finance and Balykchi Finance which grant loans at an interest rate of 10%-12%, the lowest in Kyrgyzstan. Since 2006, the company has contributed more than $4.5 million to support these institutions, including their 2015 budgets. The program enables Issyk-Kul residents interested in obtaining low-interest loans to apply for credits to develop their agricultural and cattle farms or create and boost their small and medium-sized businesses.