Clean-Up Day at Kumtor

Clean-Up Day at Kumtor

published: 10 August 2015

Last Saturday, August 8, 2015, Kumtor Company employees came out to clean up the area surrounding the Uchkun office in Bishkek. The event was organized as part of the project “The place WE call OUR second home” with the support of Company Management and administration.

Participating in the event were approximately 100 Kumtor Company employees, many with their children, as well as representatives of the sewing workshop and Uchkun building tenants. United by team spirit, they all picked up garbage, dried branches and leaves, mowed down dried grass, watered greenery and swept pavements. A full truck was filled with the garbage within just a few hours of work. Thus, we all can enjoy a peaceful rest in a clean environment during lunch hours.

A surprise was organized at the end of the event where every participant was given a Frescow ice-cream while the group Tendo gave a performance of Japanese drums, taiko. Also, a We All Win lottery was held where every participant got his prize.

“Participation in a clean-up event means understanding one’s responsibility to the city we are living in. True, these things are normally dealt with by public utilities but they cannot do without public assistance. Thus, we all put on special clothes for a couple of hours armed ourselves with appropriate equipment. We are planning to make clean-up days an annual event as well as organize new outdoor events to remove garbage, perfect body and spirit and build up,” said Deon Badenhorst, Vice president, Administration and Human Resources, Kumtor Gold Company.