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Hiring Procedures

– How can one get a job in the Company?

– The hiring procedures adopted by the Kumtor company do not differ from those existing in other companies. At first, a vacancy is announced and forms are collected after which the most qualified candidates are invited for an interview. Forms are available at the Company offices free of charge or can be downloaded from our website at the “Recruitment process” section.

– Where can one learn about a vacancy?

– One can learn about a vacancy from announcements placed in regional information centers and company offices, in the media and our website in the “Vacancies” section.

– How are candidates selected?

– At first, the forms submitted are considered. Candidates whose qualifications meet fully the requirements will be invited for an interview.

This is a stage at which a candidate’s qualifications and personal qualities are verified. Wherever necessary, candidates whose qualifications meet fully professional requirements will be invited to take a test.

After the first three stages are through, the examination board will give its recommendations to Management regarding the worthiest candidates. The final decision will be made by Company Management.

For more details visit the “Stages of employement” section.

– Who has adventages to get a job in the Company?

– According to the existing rules and regulations, we hire people from among the worthiest candidates considering their personal qualities and qualifications. In addition, pursuant to the Company’s manpower policy preference is given to those Issyk-Kul residents who come from communities where the Company operates, and specifically from Jety-Oguz and Ton districts.

To ensure transparency and openness, candidates are interviewed in the regions in the presence of public representatives.

– How many people are employed by the Company?

– Information on the exact number of Kumtor Gold Company employees is available at the main page of the website in the Staff table.

– What are the monthly wages paid to the employees?

– This is a matter to be agreed upon individually depending on one’s qualifications, work experience and position. These issues are subject to the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic.

– If you’re being requested to pay for employment within a Company:

– Employment in the Kumtor Company is free of charge, and even medicals which the candidates are required to take will be paid for by the Company itself. If you are offered a form (which are distributed free of charge) or assistance for money please contact us at +996 312 90 07 07 (ext. 24206) or +996 312 90 07 07 (ext. 24225). You can also send an email to Kumtor.info@kumtor.kg.

Moreover, if you have obtained trustworthy facts of extortion, you should turn to the law-enforcement authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic. For its part, the Kumtor Gold Company affirms that it will provide all-round assistance to the law-enforcement authorities in this issue.