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Procurement and Logistics

– Does the company bring in food products from abroad?

– The gold mining companies are largest consumers of goods and materials, necessary for operations process and for provision of employees with everything necessary. 100% of all food supply contracts are concluded in the Kyrgyz Republic. About 600 Kyrgyz companies at present supply almost 11 000 product items, necessary for sustaining operations activities on a daily basis. Information on the volume of local supply in monetary equivalent for the period of Kumtor operations can be found here.

– What kind of goods does Kumtor purchase and in what countries?

– The major categories and geography of KGC’s purchases are mentioned in Section Why, What And Where we buy? of this website.

– What kind of goods would the Company like to purchase?

– Announcements with regard to local procurement are available in Section Kumtor calls for commercial offers. Also, Kumtor Gold Company would willingly consider commercial offers from local suppliers for goods currently purchased outside Kyrgyzstan due to lack of local suppliers. For more details see Section Looking for local suppliers.

– How to become a supplier for the Company?

– The company will give priority to majority Kyrgyz-owned businesses and, where possible, KGC will support firms that are located closest to the mine. In all cases the Kumtor Procurement guidelines, including the International Code of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics apply for verification of business ownership, including the ownership “Know your customer” guidelines. As well, all enterprises (or organizations) wanting to obtain contracts with the Kumtor project must be in compliance with the appropriate Kyrgyz legislation. Full information about requirements for local suppliers located in the Local Procurement section.