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– How long will the Company remain in operation?

– Based on exploration findings, the Kumtor open pit mine-life has been extended to 2023. The period for the gold ore processing at plant – up to 2026

– What’s the amount of gold taken from Kumtor to Canada so far?

– Gold produced at Kumtor is wholly purchased by Joint Stock Comapnay Kyrgyzaltyn. The Kumtor Company was not engaged and is not engage with gold export.

– Who is responsible for Kumtor’s gold sales?

– The Kumtor mine’s final product is the Dore bars which are purchased at the mine site by Kyrgyzaltyn for further processing at its refinery at Kara-Balta as it is stipulated by the Gold and Silver Sales Agreement concluded by Kumtor Gold Company, Kyrgyzaltyn and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. The exclusive right to sell refined gold and silver both in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad being held by Kyrgyzaltyn alone.

– What is the Dore bar?

– The Dore bar is the final product of the Kumtor mine which contains more than 70% of gold as well as from 10% to 29% of silver, admixtures (iron, zinc, copper and nickel) not exceeding 10% the whole composition. Gold is purified at Kyrgyzaltyn’s refinery at Kara-Balta.

– What’s the total amount of gold produced at the mine so far?

– Information on the volumes of gold production for the of Kumtor company operations period can be found at the Production/Basic Data section of the website.