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Social Responsibility

– Does Kumtor contribute into region’s development?

– Kumtor Gold Company is committed to the overall development of the region it operates. The company has been doing for years its utmost to become a reliable partner of local communities. Our constructive cooperation is the key to the current successful operation of the company. In implementing its programs in the region, the company abides by the Strategy of Sustainable Development of the Issyk-Kul Region, which includes the following four components:

  • Development of agricultural sector;
  • Support for the growth and diversity of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Collaboration with young people in the region and support for educational initiatives;
  • Environment.

– Is it possible to ask Kumtor for support?

– In addition to our sustainable community development programs, we provide one-off donations, usually in form of in kind equipment or services. We receive many requests for support from across the country. Donation requests and proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis by our donations committee and may be supported as long as they are:

  • For local community groups or organizations, not individuals or companies
  • Not for travel or medical expenses;
  • Not for funding of private businesses;
  • Not for religious or political purposes;
  • Not for government related costs.

– How are the company’s contributions to the Issyk-Kul region Development Fund distributed?

– According to provisions of the Investment Agreement Kumtor transfers one percent of its gross income to the Issyk-Kul Development Fund. This Fund is managed independently from Kumtor Company by the members of Supervisory Board, which consists of local authority and NGOs representatives. The Fund was established for development of social and economic infrastructure of the Issyk-Kul region in accordance with priorities of local and regional authorities. Information on payments made by Kumtor to the Issyk-Kul Development Fund for the period of Kumtor operations can be found here.