published: 09 July 2012


Kumtor Operating Company (KOC) is requesting a complete commercial offer for the services of a qualified and experienced business consultant on a one off basis to support in the development of a basic cost accounting system for one of its small partner organizations. The business is seasonal and consists of approximately 10 employees.

This small enterprise, located in the Issyk-Kul region was formed with the support of KOC’s community development programs. As part of our ongoing support to the development of SME’s in Kyrgyzstan, we are looking to help the company develop and implement robust financial accounting controls and reporting systems.

Experienced consultants would be required to:

• Identify an accounting system appropriate for the scale of the business, taking into account payroll, cash flow, inventory & sales management, turnover, equipment purchase or rental, depreciation, ethics, compliance etc.
• Develop documentation of
o Accounting policies and instructions according to IFRS
o Delegation of authority in accounting
o Accounting registers and reports
• Support in implementation and training
• Develop a simple management reporting framework

Commercial proposals will be accepted until CoB Thursday 12 July. Please include a breakdown of work steps, timings and fees as well as CVs of personnel who would work on this assignment. Experience in similar engagements will be considered as part of the selection process. Tenders will be accepted only from firms registered in the Kyrgyz Republic.

It is expected that site visits to the facility in the Issyk-Kul Region will be required during the course of this engagement.

Questions will be accepted for clarification of scope.