Young Professionals of Kumtor Gold Company to Take Training Course in Kazakhstan’s Leading Company, Borusan Makina Kazakhstan

published: 13 January 2016

A group of eight young professionals of Maintenance Department, Kumtor, are supposed to take a training course in Karaganda-based Borusan Makina Kazakhstan Company during the period between January 18 and February 12, 2016. This training course was conceived specially for Kumtor employees, graduates from vocational school No. 27. On completion of the course, they are supposed to get a full-time contract with the Company. All travel expenses, tuition and accommodations will be covered by Kumtor Company.

Kumtor Gold Company has been in cooperation with vocational school No. 27 since 2000 and grants 15 scholarships annually to high school graduates from needy or one-parent families. Starting from the first year, students take training courses at the Kumtor mine with those displaying distinguished results and skills being hired by the company. “Since my school days, I’ve been dreaming of getting a job at Kumtor. Luckily, I’ve got a company scholarship. Just like other guys in my group, I come from a needy one-parent family. I’m very grateful to Kumtor for support. Currently, I’m working as an apprentice heavy-duty equipment repairman. I’ve got a chance of going to Kazakhstan’s leading company to take a professional development course and obtain deeper knowledge. I really believe dreams can come true,” Ulan Sadyrbek uulu, a program participant, said.

The Kumtor mine employs Caterpillar modern heavy-duty equipment which is serviced by Caterpillar’s official dealer, Borusan Makina Kazakhstan, located in the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan. The 20-day training course is thought to be an investment in the bright future of these young professionals. Bidding farewell, Gerard Wigglesworth, Manager, Maintenance, Kumtor, said: “This may be the first time that you go abroad. Therefore, I ask you to respect regulations and working schedules. It’s very important. After training, come back and show us all how we should work. Because the company’s future rests with young professionals, just like you.”

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