Kumtor Mine Launches a Unique Dust Suppression Device

Kumtor Mine Launches a Unique Dust Suppression Device

published: 16 May 2022

The Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) has commissioned a custom-made device specifically designed for the Kumtor mine with a view to minimize the dust from working mining equipment. The solution to this problem was demanded, among other things, by members of the State Commission on Kumtor.

The water cannon is a complex device designed by one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Specialists of the company based in Netherlands came to Kyrgyzstan in advance to study the difficult climate of the alpine area.

The device is controlled remotely and will be placed strategically at ore loading sites. A jet of water vapor reaches a length of 90 meters, enough to suppress all the dust within a radius of 150 meters. The tank holds 16 tons of water, which is enough for a day of uninterrupted operation.

  • Currently, KGC pays special attention to the environmental safety, biodiversity conservation, and compliance with all technical standards at the mine. We also work closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Technical Supervision, simultaneously working with the National Academy of Sciences and glaciologists to conduct studies of the glaciers, – says Talantbek Kozhoev, coordinator of Kumtor’s Environmental Protection Department.

The issue with dust control is well known to all mining enterprises. After the transfer of Kumtor to Kyrgyzstan, special attention is paid to overcoming this problem. All roads in the pit and the technical access road that connects the mine with the Bishkek-Karakol highway are regularly watered, and in the winter season we use a special safe biopolymer solution.

Dust is one of the factors that accelerate the melting of glaciers, and the new management of the Company has set the objective of preventing this. In this regard, preparatory work for the start of underground development of the mine is currently in full swing at KGC. This is a priority project aimed at preserving the glaciers.

These and many other measures that are currently being implemented at the Kumtor mine are part of a comprehensive program aimed at improving the environmental situation at the operation and in the region.