Waste Sorting Plant To Start Working in Balykchy of Issyk-Kul Region Thanks to Kumtor Gold Company

published: 03 December 2020

Municipal authorities of Balykchy, Issyk-Kul region, are currently preparing working sites and assembling the waste sorting equipment at the municipal waste landfill. The project was initiated in 2019 by Balykchy Town Hall Administration and approved by KGC Regional Committee. Kumtor Gold Company contributed about KGS 4.9 million for acquisition of the waste sorting equipment from Russia. The project is implemented by the municipal enterprise “Urban Land Improvement and Sanitation” under the Town Hall of Balykchy.

The project goal is to organize the waste sorting process at the municipal landfill of Balykchy for further waste recycling. Special bins for collecting plastic products have been installed in public places of Balykchy in order to directly involve citizens in the project and urge them to clean the city from the plastic waste already at the preliminary stage.

Unfortunately, the borders were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the waste sorting equipment was received only in summer. For the moment, the Balykchy municipal enterprise is preparing a site for the plant installation, while the power lines have already been laid, a power supply cable has been connected and a hangar has been built.

The project implementation will help improve the sanitary situation and environmental safety, as well as to create a well-organized industrial infrastructure for waste recycling in the region. Successful implementation of the project in Balykchy, a town with more than 40,000 citizens, will become a unique, useful and impactful experience for the whole country, since no waste landfills in the Kyrgyz Republic have been equipped with a proper waste sorting equipment for today.

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