Waste sorting has been improved at the Kumtor Mine

Waste sorting has been improved at the Kumtor Mine

published: 24 November 2022

Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC) has purchased special equipment to simplify the waste disposal process. Iron barrels and other scrap metal are pressed and sent for remelting. The same goes for plastic, paper and other materials that can be recycled and reused.

– As a result of using the pressing equipment, the Company can significantly reduce the costs associated with the waste transportation. Instead of three or four round trips, we do only one. All spare parts and components are operated by us with care and rationality. For example, the used air filters are thoroughly cleaned and reused, then the procedure is repeated, as a result, we use the filters three times before they go to waste, – says Ulan Djanybek uulu, KGC Environment Officer.

Next year, with the KGC support, a truck tire recycling plant will be launched in Tokmok, Chui region. In addition to the economic component, the future enterprise has an important environmental goal. The plant will accept old tires, including from the population, for subsequent recycling into in-demand products.

– Environmental safety is a very important aspect for our Company. In this regard, we work closely with the relevant government agencies. We have joint commissions working and based on their recommendations we undertake all measures to reduce the impact of operation on the environment,” said Almazbek Baryktabasov, president of Kumtor Gold Company CJSC.

All Kumtor operational facilities have a waste sorting program in place, and employees undergo various mandatory trainings. The Mine Environment Officers constantly monitor the environment, collect dozens of water samples every day, monitor air quality and biodiversity. Observations have shown a steady increase in the number of wild animals inhabiting the mine’s operation area.

The new environmental projects and the best practices of waste recycling are examples of the Сompany’s responsible attitude to the environment.