The sponsorship support for the school and kindergarten in Balykchi

The sponsorship support for the school and kindergarten in Balykchi

published: 26 November 2014

Museum, dedicated to the life and creative work of Sayakbai Karalaev, greatest narrator of Kyrgyz epos Manas was established in Balykchi town of the Issyk-Kul region. The opening ceremony timed the celebration of 120 years anniversary of the great narrator. Kumtor Gold Company provided financial support to acquire and set up necessary exhibition equipment.

Museum is located in the building of public school #6, which is also named after Manaschy. This year, on the basis of the museum open lectures were held at which Balykchi students learned about Manaschy’s creative works, his contribution to setting up of written version of the Epos. Museum welcomes all interested town’s inhabitants and guests.

“The idea to establish the museum was nurtured for two years. We were preparing museum spaces and negotiating the issue of exhibit items. Equipment was purchased with financial support of Kumtor“, – said Kanchayim Abdykerimova, the school principle.

Kumtor Gold Company in the frameworks of financial aid granted and set new playgrounds, furniture and home appliances in the kindergarten “Maksat”, Balykchi town.

Overall 20 two-tier beds, 6 play cabinets, 8 five-door wardrobes, towel shelves, 120 chairs, 6 benches and a fridge were purchased. Thus, the conditions for comfortable attending were created and it allowed increasing the capacity of the kindergarten. Moreover, children willingly spend time outdoor – three new playgrounds established on the territory with Company’s aid.