Kumtor Supports Balykchi-Bokonbayevo-Karakol Motor Road Renovation

Kumtor Supports Balykchi-Bokonbayevo-Karakol Motor Road Renovation

published: 22 August 2013

The reconstruction of the road-Bokonbaevo Balykchy-Karakol at the expense of KumtorWork has begun in Issyk-Kul province on renovation of a first three-km stretch (between 89 and 91 km) of the Balykchi-Bokonbayevo-Karakol motor-road. The said stretch located between Bokonbayevo and Ton was selected by the local authorities as one most wanting repair. This is one of the first steps taken under a renovation program for the motor-road of national importance running along the southern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake.

The exact length of the stretch under renovation is 3,300 m. The program includes not only paving the roadbed with asphalt but also development of a storm drainage system and laying of water-flow tubes. Kumtor Operating Company has contributed US $1.9 million for the project. The tender for which four road construction companies were bidding was won by Imperia Group from Karakul, Jalal-Abad province, which came up with a $1.4 million budget or approximately $350,000 per kilometer. Upon completion, $500,000 thus saved will be used to continue the renovation program for the Balykchi-Bokonbayevo-Karakol motor-road.

“Work on roadside clearing is in progress at the moment. A stone-crushing plant has been brought and assembled. A coating plant, new trucks, a road roller and other equipment are expected to arrive from China soon. Approximately 50 workers will be employed in the project. 12 workers from among the local residents have already been hired while others are being selected,” said Mukatbek Ibraimov, a contractor manager.

The asphalt carpet will be 9 m wide while the double-layer asphalt coat is estimated to make the road passable for heavy-duty equipment. The road will remain in service for 15 years, experts say. Under the agreement, it is the contractor who will bear warranty liabilities during the first year of road service and remedy defects, if any, for his own account. Moreover, work quality is also supervised by Kyrgyzdortransproject, a research and design institution that has won a tender for consultancy services.

The work is to be completed before the end of October, 2013.