KUMTOR GOLD COMPANY COMPANY CJSC (KGK) Invites to cooperation companies registered in the Issyk-Kul region to provide services for the restoration of attachments and components of heavy equipment (excavators, bulldozers and graders)

published: 06 December 2019

Invitation closed


 to provide services/works related to:

rebuilding of attachments and components of shovels/excavators, dozers and graders

 Customer: Kumtor Gold Company

Place of providing services/works:               

Issyk-Kul Region (preferably Karakol, Balykchy, Jety-Oguz or Ton Districts)

 Purpose of services/works:                                                     

When required and upon KGC request, repair of attachments and components of HD mining equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • electric and gas welding works;
  • installation of linings.

 The main work conditions:

  • The Contractor shall bear all expenses related to the provision of conditions to perform works (PPE, electricity, water supply, etc.);
  • The Contractor shall develop a Method Statement (MS) taking into account safety standards and regulations and agrees it with KGC Maintenance;
  • The work shall be performed on the basis of the Defect Act and the corresponding cost estimate provided by the Contractor;
  • The Customer shall provide basic welding equipment required to perform works;
  • On the basis of the Defect Act agreed with KGC, the Customer shall provide consumables (metal, electrodes, technical gas, etc.);
  • Upon completion of welding repair works, the Contractor shall provide the Customer with a full list of consumed materials with a detailed description and a photo report;
  • The works are accepted on the basis of the Act for Works Performed.

 Requirements for the services/works requested:

  • Availability of own or rented premises to perform works;
  • Availability of all permits to perform gas welding works;
  • Availability of trained and certified personnel in strict compliance with the Kyrgyz current regulations and standards;
  • Availability of lifting mechanisms to load/unload equipment, materials, structural components at work sites.

 Periods to provide services/works:

From the moment of signing the contract until the deadline agreed by the Parties, taking into account the work quality control inspection.

Special terms and conditions:

  1. The Contractor shall create safe working conditions for its employees. The Contractor shall comply with safety regulations when performing works.
  2. All Contractor employees shall undergo the necessary safety training courses and all required orientations.
  3. The Contractor shall provide its employees with all necessary PPE.
  4. The Contractor shall dispose of waste according to the provisions of the Kyrgyz Republic legislation.

 To participate in the selection, you must provide the following data:

  • information about the organization (copies of documents on state registration, tax registration, charter, permits and licenses, a list of business partners with a brief summary of the work performed, recommendations, data on the main and regional bases of the organization, employees and engineers with a brief description of their work experience );
  • a commercial proposal indicating the cost of man-hours and cost estimates necessary to complete the work;
  • information about the tools and equipment used (type, quantity, photographs);
  • additional conditions that the applicant considers necessary and necessary.

Proposals in a sealed envelope marked “The restoration of a components of heavy equipment” should be submitted to the following address: 24 Ibraimova St., Bishkek Uchkun JSC building, 10th floor until 5 p.m. December 20, 2019

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject (in whole or in part) any proposal received, and expressly declares its refusal to compensate for any costs incurred by the applicant as part of the invitation.

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