passenger transportation

passenger transportation

published: 06 September 2019

Invitation closed

Customer specification

To RFQ for passenger transportation in Bishkek, Bishkek – Issyk-Kul – Bishkek and Bishkek – Almaty – Bishkek routes.


List of main data and requirements Description
Customer Kumtor Gold Company CJSC
Area of operations Bishkek, Bishkek – Issyk-Kul – Bishkek and Bishkek – Almaty – Bishkek
Services Перевозка пассажиров
Requested services Bishkek – 8-hour work day;

Bishkek – Manas Airport – Bishkek

Bishkek – Tokmok – Bishkek

Bishkek – Balykchy – Bishkek

Bishkek – Jety-Oguz district – Bishkek

Bishkek – Karakol – Bishkek

Bishkek – Almaty – Bishkek


Performance Expectations 1)      Safe and comfortable transportation of passengers in Bishkek and on Bishkek–Issyk-Kul–Bishkek and Bishkek–Almaty–Bishkek routes. We consider quotations as one single package including Bishkek, regions and Almaty or as separate quotations for each route and type of transport.

2)      Availability of transportation means engaged in execution of the above-specified services that meet all safety requirements and traffic rules.

3)      Availability of reserve vehicles (meeting all the above requirements) to replace those out of service, under repair or PM.

4)      Availability of fully qualified, with knowledge and experience sufficient to execute the above-specified services. Minimum length of service as driver not less than 3 years.

5)  Availability of dash cams and GPS system in the vehicles.

6)  Drivers’ availability of all permitting documents, including medical fitness certificates.

7)  Annual medical check of drivers.

8)  Drivers shall be allowed to work only after mandatory pre-trip medical examination.


Terms of Service


1)  Upon request of authorized personnel of the Customer.

2)  Service amount is not fixed and is up to requirements of the Customer.


Vehicles specifications 1)  Light and/or passenger/freight vehicles

2)  Compliance with traffic rules



Special conditions 1)  Technical maintenance, repairs and fuel cost are by and at the cost of the Service Provider.

2)  Technical aid in case of malfunction during the trip by and at the expense of the Service Provider.

3)  The Customer is eligible to inspect repair facilities of the Service Provider.


The quotation shall include information regarding:

–           organization (copies of registration certificate, statute, available permits and licenses, parameters of taxpayer’s performance characteristics,  business list with brief description of executed works and references);

–           proposed vehicles (type, quantity, registration documents, photos), including backup equipment;

–           headquarters of the organization, main and regional fleets of the organization;

–           quoted price calculated under “all inclusive” approach (all applicable taxes and mandatory deductions, equipment mob/demob costs, equipment depreciation, driver’s full time job, salary + travelling and other allowances, sick leaves, overhead costs, income, etc.);

–           additional circumstances that the bidder deems necessary and fit.

Note: the bidder can provide their quotations for Bishkek, regional trips and Almaty destination in one quotation, or separately by trips ant transportation type, or for only one of destinations.

If you have questions, please contact by 5 p.m. September 12, 2019.

Proposals in a sealed envelope marked “Passenger traffic” should be sent by 5:00 p.m. September 17, 2019 at the address: 24 Ibraimov Street, Bishkek, Uchkun JSC building, 10th floor.

All organizations send their price offers at their own discretion and at their own expense, and accept all the conditions of KGC.

KGC reserves the right to accept or reject (in whole or in part) any proposal received, as well as expressly declares its refusal to compensate for any costs incurred by the applicant as part of this invitation.