Norwegian Professors Visit Kumtor

published: 18 May 2011

Norwegian Professors Visit Kumtor

On May 17, 2011, two Norwegian professors, Richard Sinding-Larsen at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Kåre Kullerud at the University of Tromsø, visited the Kumtor gold mine accompanied by their colleagues from the Institute of Mining and Mine Technologies (IMMT) at the Kyrgyz Technical University.

The Norwegian scientists arrived in Kyrgyzstan to assist preparations for an international project that implies the training of IMMT graduates in Norwegian universities. According to the IMMT Director, Kuram Tashtanaliyev, his graduates normally have Kumtor in mind as their primary employment. In this light, a visit by the two Norwegian scientists to this country’s leading mine has become an important event of their visit to Kyrgystan.

The guests were impressed by the Kumtor production scale. Professor Richard Sinding-Larsen made no secret of his elation.

“It’s grandiose, there is no denying… The mountains, the mine, the equipment – all is grand and far more impressive than expected. As a geologist, I see that the equipment here is quite advanced, really at the cutting edge of current technologies. The approach to production, safety and environment is in perfect agreement with international standards. I can compare Kumtor to Norwegian mines as far as mining methods and technologies utilized are concerned. In no way does it differ, for example, from our major iron mine, except that ours has a different location, it is not as high as this one. That’s what makes Kumtor so special. I’m really amazed. It’s like a Hollywood travel.

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