Members of Graduate Internship Program: First Presentations

Members of Graduate Internship Program: First Presentations

published: 04 April 2016

Ten members of the Graduate Internship Program have delivered their intermediate presentations after their first six months of practical work at Kumtor Gold Company. In May 2015, Kumtor Company organized a presentation of its Bishkek-based Graduate Internship Program. As a result, more than 80 applications were submitted of which candidates had been selected for ten available positions. The Program period is two years. Graduates are distributed to relevant departments both at the mine and in the Company’s other offices.

Under the Program, members are paid their monthly salaries, provided with accommodation, food, personal protection equipment as well as with everything else they may need to do their jobs. In addition, they are free to attend other helpful trainings and programs. It should be noted that throughout the Program all members are provided with an instructor to help them adapt to the working environment, do their jobs and participate in various events of the Program.

Ilghiz Sharshenaliyev, a graduate from Kyrgyz State Engineering University, majoring in Electric Power Generation, highlighted in his presentation a special atmosphere of mutual support typical of Kumtor employees’ relationships. “What really impressed me is the fact that Kumtor Gold Company sees it as its duty to facilitate development of its employees by creating conditions enabling them to unleash their own professional and personal potential and build their successful careers.”

All Program members have expressed their gratitude to Kumtor Company for offering them an opportunity not only to put their knowledge to practice but also learn advanced technologies and methods usually not taught at school.

FOR REFERENCE: The Graduate Internship Program was introduced in 2006 with a view to mobilize smart graduates majoring in sectors related to mining and having to do with production at Kumtor. For two years, they are enabled to acquire practical skills while putting theoretical knowledge to practice, learn more about the structure of Kumtor Gold Company and gold production in general. The Graduate Internship Program is instrumental in mobilizing smart graduates and developing human resources. Upon successful completion of the Program, its members will normally obtain employment at Kumtor Company.