Kumtor Mine Enhances Work of its Medical Service

Kumtor Mine Enhances Work of its Medical Service

published: 15 July 2022

One of the main tasks at any enterprise is the creation of healthy and safe working and living conditions, disease prevention, longevity and efficiency of employees. For Kumtor, the nature of work and living is dictated by the fact that the deposit is located at an altitude of 4000 meters in conditions of oxygen shortage and harsh climate. With the transition of the Kumtor mine under the control of Kyrgyzstan, dozens of initiatives to improve the health of workers have been rolled out.

In the village of Barskoon, a special sanitary and hygienic container was installed at the Volna passenger transit point for conducting a pre-shift medical examination of personnel. At the mine itself, the medical center was repaired, additional wards and examination rooms were built, new equipment was purchased. For patients with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, a separate entrance has been equipped to reduce contact between people.

– All employees regularly undergo medical examinations. Recently, at the initiative of the company’s doctors, employees have been granted the opportunity to undergo highly specialized examinations. In addition, screening is carried out for the most important parameters of the cardiovascular system. To date, 2,173 people have been examined, of which 31 have been sent for additional examinations to the Institute of Cardiology of the Kyrgyz Republic, – said Anarkul Davletbakova, chief doctor of the Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC).

Not only their colleagues from other mining companies in the country, but also specialists from European clinics are interested in the experience of doctors working at Kumtor. For example, one of the initiators of the educational program of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Konrad Bloch is visiting the mine for the second time.

– I am very impressed with the high level of technology and the way the employees are taken care of. The residential camp at the mine is an example of the right approach, there are clean and warm rooms, great food. Therefore, I am sure that Kumtor really does a lot for the well-being of the people who work here, – says Konrad Bloch, professor from Switzerland.

KGC actively supports its employees in their sports interests and leadings a healthy lifestyle. Doctors urge not to forget that although medicine is very important, disease prevention and maintaining good health largely depends on the person’s own attitude.

It should be noted that the doctors and rescuers of Kumtor have repeatedly provided qualified assistance to tourists and shepherds in trouble. The proximity of the mine ensures that in case of emergency, one can always approach Kumtor employees, including for medical assistance.