Kumtor handed over an offroad vehicle to Tyup forestry

Kumtor handed over an offroad vehicle to Tyup forestry

published: 18 April 2022

Kumtor Gold Company CJSC will assist the forestries in the Issyk-Kul region to protect and restore the forest areas. One of the first participants of this program was the forestry of the Tyup region. The company granted an offroad vehicle to the Tyup forestry.

Tyup forestry occupies 77 thousand hectares. For comparison, this area covers the area of 5 cities as Bishkek. To monitor such a large area, you need a vehicle that can travel over rough terrain and offroad conditions. The Ford pickup is the best vehicle in this regard. It will be used to patrol the forest lands, carry out control and surveillance activities, transport seedlings and equipment, and timely detect and prevent forest fires. The same machines are used at Kumtor mine, high in the mountains. They are reliable, powerful and passable.

The Tyup Forestry nursery has truly unique tree seedlings brought as an experiment from Europe. The seedlings have taken root and feel great on the fertile Issyk-Kul land. They are ready for planting. In the second half of April, planting of these seedlings will start in the mountain areas of the forestry area.

– In our nursery we grow 37 species of coniferous and deciduous trees. These are Tien Shan firs, Crimean pines, thujas. We also grow new varieties of apple trees and cherry trees that were brought from Poland, as well as sea buckthorn seedlings from Altai” said Talantbek Karypbai uulu, head of the Tyup Forestry.