Kumtor’s Team Wins Kyrgyzstan’s Tournament of Miners and Metallurgists

published: 21 September 2016

The team of Kumtor Gold Company has won 10 medals thus becoming the winner of the Third Tournament held by the Kyrgyz Republic Union of Miners and Metallurgists, an event that took place in the resort Kyrgyzskoye Vzmorye, Bosteri, Issyk-Kul province on September 15-18, 2016. Participating in the tournament were approximately 500 people representing 23 teams of Kyrgyzstan’s mining and metallurgical companies and agencies. It was organized by the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Mining at the Kyrgyz Republic Government, Central Committee of the Union of Miners and Metallurgists, KOC Union and Volunteer Society of Physical Culture and Sport.

The tournament’s program included futsal and volleyball matches as well as race, swimming, weight-lifting, table-tennis, chess, pool and tug of war.

Kumtor Gold Company’s employees were recognized as winners in the following events:
Swimming, 25 and 50 meters:
1st Place (men aged over 45): Oleg Podgorny;
1st Place (women aged over 45): Marianna Arzamastseva;
1st Place (women aged under 25): Aichurek Kozhegulova.

2nd Place, Women: Kalys Jumabayeva.

“Gold Bar-2016” Talent Show:
1st Place: Talant Sharsheyev.

Table Tennis:
3rd Place, Men: Kuvanych Kozhegulov.

Team Sports:
Futsal: 1st Place (men).
Volleyball: 3rd Place (women).

Winners and runners-up of the tournament were awarded cups, medals, certificates and valuable gifts.
Our congratulations to the KGC team and employees on their victories!


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