Kumtor’s Envoys Provide Support to Boarding School and Psychoneurologic Dispensary at Ak-Suu

Kumtor’s Envoys Provide Support to Boarding School and Psychoneurologic Dispensary at Ak-Suu

published: 30 October 2015

A group of Kumtor Gold Company employees visited the boarding school and psychoneurologic dispensary at Ak-Suu at the end of October.

At the request of both institutions’ administrations, Kumtor representatives purchased winter footwear for 87 boarding school students as well as soap and washing agents for 230 women patients of the dispensary. A total of 187,000 soms was collected by the Kumtor employees.

Also, the Kumtor envoys organized a concert performed by the Jash Tilek dance group from the city of Karakol. Each student was given a gift – a set of stationery materials. The guests and schoolchildren were given an opportunity to talk to each other over a cup of tea and sweetmeats made by the Kumtor mine’s cooks.

“We, Kumtor employees, are aware how important it is for each of us to display civil responsibility and take care of our needy compatriots. I’m sure we can provide support to those in need and do it on a regular basis. Smiling and happy children are our best reward,” said Joldosh Duishonaliyev, deputy chief mining engineer as he addressed the boarding school employees and students.
Organizers of the event thank all those who have contributed to it and provided support.

It will be recalled that the company has been in cooperation with the boarding school for years. The school’s gym was refurbished at the end of last summer. Also, the school administration used funds contributed by the company to hire a contractor to replace the dilapidated floor, paint walls and ceilings, as well as to replace the lighting and heating systems. The repairs cost approximately 2 million soms. Also, a hothouse was built within the school’s area in 2014 as part of the Karagat+ Project, thus enabling the boarding school’s administration to grow vegetables and cut down budget expenses, especially in the winter.