Kumtor provides 10 scholarships for students to attend the New Generation Academy

published: 22 July 2013

American University of Central AsiaTen students from disadvantaged families have been given the opportunity to study at the New Generation Academy (NGA) at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), thanks to new scholarships provided by Kumtor. The scholarships for the future university students cover not only tuition, but also include room and board.

The NGA program is a year-long course that provides over 600 academic hours of intense English, Kyrgyz, Russian, History, IT, and Science. The curriculum was designed with the help of AUCA partner Bard College, and includes laboratory work, progressive testing, seminars, excursions, and other extracurricular activities.

“The New Generation Academy is an innovative initiative of AUCA, and unlike any other program currently offered in Central Asia. We are very pleased that Kumtor has joined us as a sponsor of this program, which was founded only a year ago with the goal of giving students from the poorest regions of the country the opportunity to prove their talent alongside the best and brightest students of the region. Graduates of NGA have strengthened academic skills and the maturity to be successful university students,” said Janat Hetrick, NGA Director.

“We are happy that young people in the Kyrgyz Republic, who have excelled despite the immense challenges they have faced, now have the opportunity to study at NGA. NGA provides students from every region of the Kyrgyz Republic, especially from regions and villages where resources are scarce, a chance to access better quality education. I am sure that these students will realize their goals for the future, and wish them the best,” said Michael Fischer, President of Kumtor Operating Company.

For information:

The New Generation Academy at the American University of Central Asia offers a unique, one-year program of study, which prepares high school graduates for entrance to the university of their choice. The program aims to fill the gap left by secondary education, in order to give students the skills they need to enter and succeed at the university level.

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