published: 23 July 2012

On suspicion that the mine employees might be infected by intestinal virus, Kumtor Operating Company has urgently requested additional laboratory results and compliance certificates from all foods suppliers.

On July 18, 2012, four people came to consult the Company’s medical service complaining about fever and general weakness, two of them complained about diarrhea. The number of patients grew to 49 on July 19 and to 140 on July 20, 2012. All of them were given first medical aid. Faced by the increased number of patients and in conformity with the Emergency Response Plan, the Company reported the incident to the Regional Sanitary-And-Epidemiologic Service asking it for assistance in identifying the cause of the employees’ health problems. A team of the Regional Service officers immediately arrived at the mine site. In the face of the mass complaints about health problems, the Sanitary Service officers recommended hospitalization of the patients to Issyk-Kul hospitals.

A total of 222 people have sought medical aid between July 18 and 22, of whom 159 people were sent away from the mine site. According to the Health Ministry’s reports, about 78 employees have been hospitalized. Today, there are 4 patients with infection signs at the mine site.

The Sanitary Service officers have inspected the kitchen, storage rooms, living quarters and bathroom units. No serious violations of sanitary regulations have been found. All kitchen staff has medical permits. The cooking technological process is closely observed. On orders from the Sanitary-And-Epidemiologic Service, compliance certificates and laboratory results have been requested from all foods suppliers.

Representatives of the Jety-Oguz District Police Department and District Office of the Emergencies Ministry have visited the Kumtor mine on account of the outbreak of intestinal infection.

An enquiry into the cause has been opened. Company Management is at the mine site. The mine is operating according to its normal routine. There are 1,602 people present at the Kumtor mine now, including 498 contractors.

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