Kumtor Mine Employees Help Children – Fire Survivors, Affected by Burns

Kumtor Mine Employees Help Children – Fire Survivors, Affected by Burns

published: 15 December 2017

Children from low-income families, who suffered from various fires and burns, received help from the Kumtor mine employees in the form of free medical services at the Prof. M. Mateyev’s clinic. The charitable action was organized and held as part of the corporate volunteer program “Kumtor’s Ambassadors.” Kumtor employees, using their own resources, have raised money for surgeries of nine children under 16 from different oblasts and regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Complex surgeries for skin recovery and scar removal in minor children, who survived fire, returned them the opportunity to walk, write, play and grow happily. Not all parents from remote areas of the country have the opportunity to pay for such surgical operations of their children. Kumtor employees have already collected additional funds to help more children of Kyrgyzstan. Small patients were operated by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Musa Mateyev. He is the most experienced surgeon in this field, and all children received the best medical care not only in the country, but also in the world.

After successful skin recovery operations, children and their parents met with Kumtor’s Ambassadors at the Professor Mateyev’s clinic to express their gratitude. At the meeting, every child received a New Year sweet gift and a toy from the company employees.

“We hope that children will grow up healthy, they will smile, play like all other children and live their lives to the fullest. Within the Kumtor’s Ambassadors program, we, Kumtor employees, not only lend assistance to those who need health support, but also arrange sporting events for children and teenagers and even clean up the coast of the Issyk-Kul lake. We do everything voluntarily and with all our heart, and we do hope that these children will grow up, become responsive and successful and pass the good forward in chain order,” Infrastructure Manager Jafar Gadzhiev said at the meeting.