Kumtor provided assistance to the Ton district residents suffered the devastating effects of mudslide in July

published: 25 November 2021

With the introduction of external management at Kumtor Gold Company CJSC (KGC), the Company regularly provides charitable assistance to those in special need. “Warm gift” was the name of an action held in the Ottuk village, Ton District, Issyk-Kul Province. On July 30, a devastating mudflow hit the village, and many families are still living in the shelters and containers, waiting for new houses to be built.

Kumtor was one of the first companies to provide assistance as soon as it became aware of the disaster. By order of the KGC external manager Tengiz Bolturuk, heavy equipment and workers were sent to the disaster-stricken Jety-Oguz and Ton districts to help clear the streets of flooded settlements. In addition, KGC allocated 11 thousand liters of diesel fuel for the equipment.

Once it turned cold, Kumtor provided firewood for those who did not have enough time to finish their new homes. Kumtor also purchased and handed over 100 food sets and warm blankets for the affected residents. In addition to the basic products, a large bag of sweets was given specifically for the children. To ensure that aid gets to those in need of assistance, Kumtor employees coordinate this work with the local authorities.

“In Ottuk village, 320 houses were flooded as a result of the disaster. Later 64 houses were recognized as dangerous by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Assistance is being provided to these families. People are very grateful to Kumtor Company. Thank you so much! “, – said the head of Ulahol aiyl okmotu Mederbek Beisheev.

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