Kumtor held 15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament last weekend

Kumtor held 15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament last weekend

published: 23 August 2017

On August 19, 2017, employees and partners of Kumtor Gold Company took part in the 15th annual charity golf tournament held at the Maple Leaf Club.
Fifteen teams consisting of employees and partners of the company fought for the first place. All the teams received prizes from international and local suppliers and partners of Kumtor. Four participants were given special gifts for the best individual strokes.

The event was aimed at strengthening the team spirit among the employees, representatives of contracting organizations and suppliers. Each team had an opportunity to improve its result answering the quiz questions regarding the new “Work Safe – Home Safe” corporate program. All the teams put a large puzzle depicting a heavy mining equipment at the mine together, having showed an excellent teamwork. All participants also had an opportunity to look at the sample of a Dore bar, the end product of the Kumtor mine, see the work suit of gold smelters and the uniform of the mine workers. All employees of Kumtor Gold Company and contracting organizations underwent occupational health and safety compliance training in the end of July as part of the above program. The suppliers had a chance to get additional prizes, having answered questions about KGC activities and procurement. The most active participants received memorable prizes from the company. The partners, who took part in the tournament, had an excellent opportunity to touch base with the management team and employees in an informal setting and get long-desired answers to the questions about the company’s activities.

Each participant was given a gift – a jar of dandelion jelly made by members of the One Village One Product Association. The history of KGC cooperation with the Association started in 2013, when, with the financial support of the company, the necessary equipment was purchased, trainings were organized and workshop premises were repaired. Also, each participant had an opportunity to purchase wooden ware made by members of “Crafts for Change.” All the wood items were handmade by people from vulnerable groups of the society – former alcohol and drug addicts, ex-prisoners, graduates of orphanages, people with disabilities.

During the day, 250 tickets of the prizes-for-all lottery were sold and 5 lots were put on an auction arranged during the event. All funds raised, amounting to 261,660 soms, were transferred to the “Help the Children – SKD” Foundation. L’Occitane store also made its contribution and transferred a certain percent of its proceeds to the charity fund. The Public Charitable Foundation “Help the Children – SKD” helps children suffering from cancers, blood and immunological diseases, as well as their families.

Kumtor Gold Company expresses gratitude to all its employees, who joined the tournament, as well as the numerous partners of the event, who supported the charitable action, in particular L’Occitane store, “Crafts for Change,” Travel Vision travel agency, Vulcan Plus company, designers from Opio Fashion; Aiko Seiko garment manufacturer, which kindly provided T-shirts for all the tournament participants; Office Point stationary shop, K2 sports club, Montazhnik LLC, Stroy Komplekt Montazh LLC, Steinbrau brewery (Imfiko CJSC),  KICB, Bishkek Roofing Company LLC, DNKA LLC, Syut Bulak CJSC, Abdysh Ata LLC, Toyota Center, One Village One Product Association, Muza LLC, Karkyra company, AKKA-RK trading house, Gruzovik LLC, Kalikova & Associates law firm, as well as international partners: Borusan Makina, Turkuaz Machinery, Cummins, BASF, C&E International Plant Ltd, Alpha Plant Maintenance PTY Ltd., TRW LLC and Maple Leaf Golf Club.