Kumtor Gold Company Helped Renovate Class Rooms in Mining Institute

Kumtor Gold Company Helped Renovate Class Rooms in Mining Institute

published: 03 April 2015

Class rooms in the U. Asanaliyev Mining Institute that were renovated with the support of Kumtor Gold Company were officially opened on April 3, 2015.
The opening ceremony was timed to coincide with the celebration of Geologist Day in the Kyrgyz Republic. Attending the ceremony were the Institute faculty, top managers of Kumtor and journalists.

The total value of renovation amounts to approximately 1.5 million soms. A contract organization made repairs to the reading hall of the library in Building 1 and a few class rooms in Building 2.

The official guests were shown around the both Buildings and class rooms as well as the geological museum that boasts over 7,000 samples of rock and minerals. In appreciation of support, a group of Institute students presented a short show while the faculty conferred an Honorary Doctorate on Rodney Stuparyk, Kumtor, Vice President, Risk Management & Compliance.

“It is an honor for me to be given an Honorary Doctorate from the Mining Institute. We have a long history of cooperation through the number of graduates employed by our Company. We continue to work closely with a number of experts at the Institute and are committed to our relationship going forward,” Rodney Stuparyk told.

“We are delighted with the established relationship and cooperation, in several areas, between Kumtor Gold Company and the Institution which has been ongoing for many years. This year KGC plans for an intake of graduate students, male and female, for a two-year graduate/internship program, where the students are able to apply their knowledge, ideas and creating thinking to practical operations,” said Norman Bobocel, Training and Development Adviser.

“I’m happy to see that we have a shared goal in promotion of education in the Kyrgyz Republic. I’d like to thank Kumtor for granting our request for assistance. I’m delighted to see that qualified experts we are training are in demand in so large companies,” said Akylbek Maralbayev, Principal of the Mining Institute.