Kumtor Employees Visit Mobile Child Development Center at Jailoo

Kumtor Employees Visit Mobile Child Development Center at Jailoo

published: 03 August 2017

Last Sunday, employees of Kumtor Gold Company and their children visited the mobile child development center at Ak-Tash jailoo of Jeti-Oguz region, Issyk-Kul oblast. Preparations have begun several months prior to the event, after the call to collect toys necessary for the master class had been announced among the company employees. Owing to the well-coordinated teamwork, Kumtor employees managed to teach the children how to make snowballs from the collected toys and glitters. Moreover, the employees made a developing busy-board so that the youngest visitors of the Center could safely learn to use household items and appliances they face in their everyday life.

One of the employees gave a lesson aimed at the development of painting skills and taught children the various techniques used by artists. Some children got their faces painted and turned into the characters of their favorite cartoons. Every child was given a book, issued with the financial support of the company. On top of this, the children prepared a performance – they recited poems and danced the folk dance “kara-jorgo.”

The centers operate as part of the project run by the public foundation “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva.” Over the last three years, the company has helped to equip children’s centers of Ton and Jeti-Oguz regions of Issyk-Kul oblast with office supplies and books. Employees of Kumtor Company have been visiting children’s centers from the moment of their foundation and commencement of the company cooperation with the public foundation. Every year Kumtor employees hold various master classes and organize performances for children.

For information: The project “Child Development Centers” provides children of cattle-farmers, who move to the mountains in summertime, with an opportunity to prepare for school. During three hours a day, teachers give training lessons that help to develop speaking, counting and other essential skills. “Child Development Centers” are aimed at providing equal access to education. The project focuses on hard-to-reach, high-altitude pastures located in remote areas. Mobile centers are based in yurts, equipped with all necessary tools and aids to provide basic knowledge to preschool children. Due to the lack of electricity, playgrounds, books, toys, computers and, most importantly, centralized training centers with professional teachers in the remote pastures, schoolchildren began to attend kindergartens. The project “Kindergartens at Jailoo” extended its coverage last year and now positions itself as “Child Development Centers.”