Kumtor Employee Abdurakhim Mambetaliev Saved Nine Lives

Kumtor Employee Abdurakhim Mambetaliev Saved Nine Lives

published: 21 September 2016

Abdurakhim Mambetaliev, a Kumtor Gold Company employee, took part in the rescue of nine people, five adults and four children, trapped amid a tumultuous river. A road accident occurred in the Jety-Oguz district where after heavy rainfalls the driver lost control of the car on a slippery road and the car tumbled down into the Chon-Kyzyl-Suu River. Having heard the cries of people in the trouble, Abdurakhim Mambetaliev, who happened to be near the scene with his friends, came running to the river and dived despite the river was known for its rapid flow. They used a plank to build a makeshift bridge and, thus, helped the people out from the half-submerged car to the river bank.

According to Sabira Symanova, a victim, they decided to go on a picnic that day. The rainfall was not too heavy at first and they didn’t worry. But then, unexpectedly, their car left the main road and tumbled into a river. “Really, we were at a loss and panicked. Our cries reached the guys picnicking nearby. I am extremely grateful to Abdurakhim and his friends. They risked their lives,” said Sabira Symanova.

“It was terrible. . . Fortunately, our car ended up positioned lengthwise the stream, not counter. Otherwise, the stream would turn our car over. We stayed inside the car for about 40 minutes. Water in the car was rising, our feet were in the water. We were cold. . . We were calling for help without stopping. I am really thankful to the people who heard us and saved our lives. They gave us a new lease of life,” says another victim, Taalai Chakiyev.

Abdurakhim Mambetaliev, the hero of the story, has been with Kumtor Gold Company for 18 years, a security officer.

“We were going to have a swim. As soon as we realized that a car had tumbled into the river, my friends and I came running to the scene. Just on the spot, I made a plan. We were not thinking of the danger. As a result, we saved human lives. I am thankful to my friends, Kerimjan Abdiyev, Rinat Sulaimanov, Dilshat Maseyev, Abdukhalil and Abdujajij Mambetaliyev, who did a great deal to save the people. Also, I appreciate assistance from Aidar Eraliyev and his sister Chynara, who provided care and help to these people, pinched with cold after their rescue. Later on, I brought both to their homes in my own car. There is nothing extraordinary about saving people who got into trouble, it’s just your civic duty. There’s nothing more dear than human life. No one is allowed to stand by in such situations,” says Abdurakhim Mambetaliev.