Kumtor Employees Held Charity Event in Kara-Balta

Kumtor Employees Held Charity Event in Kara-Balta

published: 15 December 2015

A group of Kumtor employees provided assistance to the Kara-Balta-based Children’s Crisis Center of the Jail District Red Crescent Society under the CSR project on December 12, 2015.

The Kara-Balta Crisis Center is a protectory that now accommodates 24 gutter children. Just weeks ahead of New Year celebrations, the Kumtor employees have raised more than 80,000 soms for the Center’s children. The money was used to purchase foodstuffs, personal hygiene means, clothes and, perhaps, what is the most heartening thing for children, New Year gifts.

The children expressed their profound gratefulness for the care. The Crisis Center’s employees highlighted the importance of such events for the foster children that happened to be bereft of a family environment as human care and love are what helps children believe in their better future.

Participating in the charity were the following Kumtor employees: Kanybek Jumaliev, Tynchtyk Mokeev, Nuradil Ryspaev, Aziret Abdykerimov, Maksat Kulubaev, Asan Akmatov, Abai Absemetov, Jumabek Samakov, Aibek Abduvaliev, Timur Nishaev, Andrey Shabunin, Emil Mamytov, Kubat uluu Dastan, Oleg Ganziy, Marina Gavrilova, Asel Maichakova, Kalysbek Abdygaziev, Jyrgal Bakirov, Valentin Chernyshev, Taalai Jusupov, Yusup Sulaimanov, Nurbek Tolobaev, Samsaly Sultanbekov, Sadygaly Djuraev, Gulmira Turdubaeva, Akylbek Diushembiev, and Salavat Tatybekov.