Kumtor Cup Futsal Championship at Balykchi

published: 06 June 2014

Children from ten Balykchi schools competed for the first time for the Kumtor Cup last Sunday. The event was timed to coincide with International Children’s Day and opening of a futsal field sponsored by Kumtor.
The championship’s three leading teams were presented with cups, balls and football kits for all players. It was decided that the schoolchildren championship would be an annual event uniting all young Balykchi residents and contributing to the promotion of mini-football.

The new field which costs nearly 2 million soms is also provided with locker rooms and solar-powered shower cubicles operating all year round which makes the field a unique place of interest across the Issyk-Kul region.

The field will be the property of the Balykchi City Hall. The rent is supposed to be considerably below than the market one while all proceeds will be used to maintain and guard the field.

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