Kumtor Contributes Medical Equipment to Jety-Oguz Hospital

Kumtor Contributes Medical Equipment to Jety-Oguz Hospital

published: 05 July 2013

KUMTOR CONTRIBUTES MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TO JETY-OGUZ HOSPITALAn ultrasonic scanner and ambulance were provided by Kumtor Operating Company to the General Practice Center (GPC) in Jety-Oguz district, Issyk-Kul province, on July 5, 2013. The Company’s medical workers held a familiarization training for the district hospital staff. The Fleet and Ford shop Superintendent, KOC, has explained the advantages of an all-wheel drive ambulance car. The total cost of the equipment transferred to the hospital amounts to US $170,000.

The new U/S scanner, Mysono201, will enable the doctors to reveal various diseases at early stages. It is normally used to detect abdominal, cardiovascular, gynecological, urological diseases, etc. As for the specialized ambulance, it will help transport medical workers to outlying communities across mountainous and rough terrain.

“We badly needed an additional ambulance. From now on, thanks to Kumtor, our doctors will be able to respond to urgent calls in time. Using one ambulance only, it would have been absolutely out of question. Now, though, we’ll be able to provide emergency assistance promptly,” said Cholpon Ibraimova, a Jety-Oguz GPC doctor.

“We are happy to contribute to the consolidation of this district infrastructure, and to this hospital in particular. I’m sure the equipment we’ve just provided will make it possible to improve the quality of this hospital’s services and, perhaps, save somebody’s life,” commented President of Kumtor Operating Company Michael Fischer.