Kumtor Company’s Transportation Department (Uchkun Office) Rendered Assistance to the Specialized Boarding School at Krasnaya Rechka Village

published: 03 June 2016

Employees of Kumtor Company’s Transportation Department and Administration Department (Uchkun Office) visited the boarding school at Krasnaya Rechka village and congratulated its fosterlings on the International Children’s Day.

Organizers of the charity event have previously visited the school to find out what kind of support they need to make it more targeted. Recall that last year Kumtor Company’s Finance Department had also rendered assistance to the specialized boarding school at Krasnaya Rechka village, having presented 4 benches and News Year’s gifts to children. This time, the Transportation Department employees have collected money and bought children swimming suits and other necessities for the upcoming beach season, as well as sweets and drinks.

The specialized boarding school at Krasnaya Rechka village is a home to 129 children (including 43 girls and 86 boys) aged between 7 and 16. 50 of them are orphans, more than 20 children have health problems. The Transportation Department of Uchkun Office is planning to take the patronage over the boarding school and render them assistance on a regular basis.

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