Kumtor Company Took Part in Annual Action of Green Foundation

Kumtor Company Took Part in Annual Action of Green Foundation

published: 08 April 2016

Trees were planted in the village of Novo-Pokrovka, Chui province, by representatives of Kumtor Gold Company last week in what was announced as a joint action of the Green Foundation and International Public Fund “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva.”

The Green Foundation, it will be recalled, was founded in 2012 at the initiative of KICB with the support of Aga Khan Development Network, Kumtor Gold Company and International Public Fund “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” in order to promote the planting and conservation of trees, urban greening and creating favorable living conditions in the Kyrgyz Republic. More than 8,000 trees and bushes have been planted in the past four years in Bishkek alone.

This year, two high schools located in the Issyk-Ata district were selected for the action designed to create a favorable microclimate within the high school grounds as greening is regarded as an imperative for the development of any high school area. A total of 300 fruit trees has been planted in the high school grounds, the trees being selected at the recommendation of environmental expert in consideration of local climatic conditions.

According to organizers, the green action in which school students and teachers took active part was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Members of the Green Foundation expressed hope that every tree planted by students would become their common concern and a real contribution to the cause of both the city and school greening.